Whether your client is buying or selling, we are here to support you in making sure the transaction runs smoothly and they are completely satisfied with the outcome. Water systems and real estate can be tricky business and we are here to help.

No one in the area knows water quality like we do. Our Certified Water Specialists work with real estate agents all over the state and possess experience and expertise in handling water quality issues and water treatment for new homeowners as well as for sellers.

A thorough site evaluation is necessary to provide and accurate quote for water treatment and installation. Ball park quotes can be offered early on in the process.


Water quality tests should be taken on the “raw,” untreated well water, and you should find out what you can about any water treatment equipment and how it is performing. The homeowners should have disclosed if they have any water volume issues. Look for signs of staining, run the water to determine if there is any smell. Health issues do not have symptoms, so it is important to test.


Small Public Water Supplies (PWS) is a category established by the EPA which is likely to include condo minimum complexes and apartment buildings that have their own well. Most of the small PWS in NH are well managed, but because some have been struggling under financial pressures recently, you should find out what you can about who is managing the water and how the residents feel about the results.


Municipal water supplies are obligated to test EPA parameters often. You can obtain a copy of the Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) which is a required annual report on the health of the system, from the Water Department. There may be some aesthetic things you might want to take care of such as chlorine or hardness, but you can be confident that the mandated health issues are being managed.


When representing a buyer, your water specialist should do the most comprehensive water test that your customer can afford so you know what water quality issues you will be likely to encounter. Click the Water Testing Choices button for recommendations.

If the home being purchased already has water treatment equipment, have the seller give you the service history on the system. Ask your water specialist to do a before and after test if the system is treating a specific contaminant such as arsenic or radon. It’s important to know the level of a contaminant in the “raw,” untreated water so we can know how hard your system is going to have to work. This helps us set service expectations and put the appropriate service plan in place. Plus it is always good to have a baseline in case the water changes.

If the equipment appears old, unmaintained, or if you see symptoms of water quality issues in the home, have us do a system evaluation for you. This is an economical way to see if you will need to be spending additional money servicing or upgrading the system.

If the tests show an unacceptable amount of any contaminants – primary health issues or secondary aesthetic issues we can explain the results to you and discuss your treatment options. We’ll also provide you with estimates for planning purposes if needed during the transaction.


If you are selling the home, you can take some of the stress out of the transaction by having a home inspection and appropriate water tests performed before the property is listed. You will then know what issues are likely to come up when a buyer is found. You can take action on relevant items ahead of time to simplify your sale. Be sure this is the strategy you want to take, because once you are aware of an issue, or a contaminant on a water test, the results must be disclosed.

If there is water treatment equipment in place, be prepared with the service history on the system, and with any test results that have been saved over the years. If the client is overdue for service, now would be a good time to have some preventive maintenance done, to avoid problems later. Fill out our service request form or contact us directly.


Standard Package

• Bacteria, nitrate, chloride, hardness, iron, manganese, pH, sodium

Comprehensive Package

• Standard Package (Bacteria, nitrate, chloride, hardness, iron, manganese, pH , sodium)

• Plus PackageFluoride, copper, color, odor, turbidity, arsenic, lead, nitrite

Health Issues

• Arsenic, Radon, Uranium

FHA and VA loan testing
Whether or not you choose to have a package of tests done, you should at minimum test bacteria, radon, arsenic, lead & uranium on any well in New England. Depending upon the site, the local residents or businesses, you may choose to test MTBE, or Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) to test for impacts from any gasoline or solvent spills.